Matawan Football Alumni Foundation Barry Rizzo Stadium
Matawan Football Alumni Foundation Barry Rizzo Stadium

Our Scholarship

Our Scholarship proposal criteria has been developed. Details are outlined below. 


Scholarship Proposal

  • Based on a 70 point scale
  • Interested Players will submit a brief, one page, essay to the Alumni Foundation via Coach Walsh
  • Eligibility will be based on Participation in the Matawan High School Football Program
  • Senior on track for graduation and enrolled in a program of higher education or trade school training
  • Judges will be the organizing committee
  • In the event of a tie, the panel will vote for one of the students in the tie. The student with the most votes will receive the award
  • Scholarship will be awarded in the following manner:
    Check will be written to the individual

Potential Points and Earning Scale 

Participation 20 points
Based on number of years in the program-five points per year. Transfers earn maximum points by securing a letter from coach at prior school certifying participation 

Academics 10 points
Six points for on-target for graduation. Four points based on GPA:

  • 4 points 3.6-4.0 or higher
  • 3 points 3.1-3.5
  • 2 points 2.6-3.0

School/Community Service 5 points
Player will list activities on application. Points awarded will be subjectively assigned by the organizing committee

Leadership 15 Points
Strong Input from the Coaching Staff with the following criteria:
Displays outstanding leadership on the field and off. 
Team Spirit 
Strive to improve himself and others to make a difference


Essay Subject Matter 20 Points

Player will submit a brief, one page essay on the following topic:"What has playing football at Matawan High School meant to you and how will it impact your future?"

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We have several events annually that require volunteers. If interested, please use our contact form to inquire about volunteering.

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